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The Story of Earth

13 June - 3 August 2019
12:32pm – 12:32pm
Kingsford (Sydney)
This event has ended
Join us in the Sotory of how Earth was formed and came to harbour life

IN 2017, I and my PhD student Tara Djokic made a Giant Screen format film about our research on the origin of life with December Media. it is now playing worldwide, but I recently have been given permission to have a special screening at UNSW, which I would like to pursue. It was flimed with parts in #D, and so optimally a 3D showing would be fantastic, but I do not know if we have the capacity on campus for this, or we can do it in 2D standard format. 

I would like to make this a faculty of science showcase event, and advertise it for the general public.


Official Trailer here

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