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Zhao Hai, Linda Jacobson, Adam Ni: Choose China

Choose China panel discussion

We are frequently told that we may have to make a strategic choice between the US and China. With these two options in front of us, a third choice, ‘sit on the fence and hope for the best’ has probably been the most popular position. But as China’s rise continues and the US retreats, do our strategic interests lie in a positive alignment with our region’s traditional power? Could an alliance between Australia and China be founded on shared interests – despite underlying cultural and political differences? Trade, investment and partnerships have already bound our destiny to China’s in a way that no amount of political posturing can undo. Is it time to stop sitting on the fence and choose China?

I strongly disagree that Australia should choose China... framing it as one choice is misleading... it’s going to be a long process.

Adam Ni


Chaired by Jason Yat-sen Li, Chairman of Vantage Asia Holdings.

This conversation was recorded live on stage at the Festival of Dangerous Ideas 2018. 

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