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Yenni Tim | We Are All Influencers

Yenni Tim

The things that make these social media influencers so popular is what you and others give them – your time and attention.

Yenni Tim

Every second, tech companies, advertisers, and organisations are all competing for our attention. The algorithms that shape our digital world are designed to capture and keep that attention. We are spending more time than ever online – shopping, gaming, watching shows, reading news and chatting to friends, and while it feels pretty innocent, by partaking in these seemingly ordinary online activities we’re placing a whole lot of trust into the digital services we use  and handing over a lot of our precious data and time. Our attention is the most valuable currency in the digital world – are we making informed and empowered choices about who and what we give that attention to? As netizens, what can we do to push for a safe, kind, resilient, and “human” digital future?

In 10 minutes or the length of time it takes to buy a pair of pants online, Dr. Yenni Tim will explain how we can use our influence to shape our digital future. 


In this sprawling digital age where a universe of information is accessible within seconds, it's easy to be paralysed by the simple question of where to begin. 

Introducing: Ten Minute Genius, a series of short talks designed to create a space in which you can engage with new ideas. We have curated a collection of material scientists, philosophers and maths lovers to help you make some sense of this chaotic information vortex. And because you’re busy, all we ask of you is just ten minutes. 

Yenni Tim

Yenni Tim

Yenni Tim is a Senior Lecturer in the Business School at UNSW Sydney. Through her research, Yenni addresses real-world issues at the intersection of digital capacity, resilience, and societal progress. Her in-depth field studies and design research across Asia, Europe, and Australia advance our understanding on the effective design and use of digital technologies for major technological, organisational, and societal shocks, such as pandemics, disasters, digital disadvantages, environmental crises, and cyber shocks. In the education space, Yenni develops practice-informed educational innovations that expose learners to contemporary industry challenges and know-how. She is the founding director of the UNSW Sandbox Program - a platform that empowers three-way partnerships among industry practitioners, academic experts, and university students for collaborative problem solving and innovation at scale. 

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