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Tim Costello: Ordinary people can change the course of history

Tim Costello speaking on stage

Delivering the 2019 Gandhi Oration, World Vision Chief Advocate, Reverend Tim Costello is hopeful for the future.

In his oration, 'Justice in Action', Rev Costello of talked of a "retribalised" world where micro-tribes, which were once defined by nation, religion, or culture, are now tightly defined by an ever-changing set of rules. Digital communities bolster these micro-tribes, becoming echo chambers of their own making.

Our opinions and emotions, loyalties, customs and perceptions of right or wrong, good and evil, are shaped by our need to belong to a group and sometimes by our willingness to hate rival groups.

Tim Costello

Examining this behaviour in both a local and global context, Costello considers the relevance of Gandhi's philosophy. Listen to his hopeful conclusion that all of us can be part of a more just world. 


This talk was recorded live at The Roundhouse, UNSW Sydney.

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