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Rukmini Callimachi: On ISIS

Rukmini Callimachi at FODI

Rukmini Callimachi is a New York Times foreign correspondent who has covered Al Qaida and ISIS since 2014. Earlier this year, she rose to international acclaim with Caliphate, a chart-topping podcast. The Times first documentary audio series, it follows the journalist deep into the heart of the terrorist network and into the lives of violent extremists and their victims.

Most coverage of ISIS doesn’t even try to hear the other side, because people believe their crimes make them akin to monsters. I believe in listening to and trying to understand the enemy, which is different from giving them a platform.

Rukmini Callimachi



Chaired by Hamish MacDonald, Australian journalist and broadcaster.

This conversation was recorded live on stage at the Festival of Dangerous Ideas 2018. 

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