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Justice & Love

Andrew West interviewing Mary Zournazi and Rowan Williams

From the Paris Attacks, the Syrian War, and the European Migrant Crisis to Brexit and the US Presidential elections, our responses to others in desperate situations have been tested. Former Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams and film maker and cultural philosopher, Mary Zournazi sat down with ABC’s Ethics Report host Andrew West to explore how we can experience the world in a more just way, and how does love fit into all this when we are faced with difficult times.

Unfortunately there were audio issues during livestream of this event. We have edited the video and podcast to improve the audio, however if you require a transcript of this in conversation please email us at

Compassion is the strongest exercise of imagination that we can think of because it’s a real attention to an absorption of another person's position.

Rowan Williams

One of the things about trying to open up the meaning of justice is to think about that suffering, the grief, the sorrow and how do you address that - that real sense of grief.

Mary Zournazi

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