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Judith Brett: The Coal Curse

Faced with the crisis of a global pandemic, for the first time in more than a decade Australia has had evidence-based, bipartisan policy-making. Politicians have listened to the scientists and … put ideology and the protection of vested interests aside and behaved like adults. Can they do the same to commit to fast and effective action to try to save our children’s and grandchildren’s future, to prevent the catastrophic fires and heatwaves the scientists predict, the species extinction and the famines?

Judith Brett

Director of the Centre for Ideas Ann Mossop chats to historian Judith Brett about the unusual history of Australia’s economy and the “resource curse” that has shaped our politics.

To discuss the future of the climate and how we might forge an environment focused path out of our impending economic crisis, Judith and Ann are joined by Philosopher Jeremy Moss, author of "Climate Change and Justice" and "Climate Justice and Non-State Actors". Jeremy is Director of the Practical Justice Initiative and leads the Climate Justice Research program at UNSW as part of the Practical Justice Initiative.

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