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Joshua Gans, Richard Holden and Judith Sloan: Bringing back the economy

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For Australians, the end of the Covid-19 lockdown is in sight, and a return to some semblance of normalcy is on the horizon. As our focus shifts from the virus and its immediate impact to social recovery, the economy will take centre stage. The government has a once in a lifetime opportunity to rebuild our economy, and they are not short of advice.

Which direction will they choose? Is it time for ambitious market reforms, or to maintain the social safety net that has won them so many new fans? Is there a chance of a fairer nation, or are we looking down the barrel of post-pandemic austerity?

Join a panel of our most interesting economists and commentators, Joshua Gans, Richard Holden, Judith Sloan and Jennifer Hewett (chair) to tackle the big questions we need to answer if we are to make the best economic recovery that we can.

Our successful management of the pandemic gives us a reason to look at some of the barriers to reform and productivity growth that were almost too hard to look at before

Judith Sloan

Noone’s going to be jumping up and down to do something about climate change when we have a global depression, so we have that challenge ahead.

Joshua Gans

The advantages afforded to Australia by our good public health response is that we can pick up on international movement of people, while other countries are going to struggle to do that.

Richard Holden

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