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Google’s Chief Evangelist in conversation with Toby Walsh

Vint Cert with Toby Walsh

At first we called it ‘inter-networking’ but it took too long to say.

Vint Cerf

A “digital dark age” is looming unless a sophisticated regime for curating, preserving and accessing our data is established, says the ‘father of the internet’, Vint Cerf.

Google's VP and Chief Evangelist, talked with UNSW Scientia Professor of Artificial Intelligence, Toby Walsh in July 2018 to a packed auditorium at UNSW Sydney.

Watch him describe the early days of the Net like a colourful folk yarn and hear is warnings on the foreboding digital dark age.

Google's Vint Cerf in conversation with Toby Walsh was presented by UNSW Engineering and Google Australia.

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