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Felicity-Tram Tu | Designing diseases

Felicity-Tram Tu

We need to start changing the way we perceive diseases, and start working with them.

Felicity-Tram Tu

When the Black Plague swept the world, a mere cough could mean a death sentence. It took centuries for us to better understand infectious diseases, however when COVID-19 arrived, we were just as vulnerable as we were all those years ago.  

Scientists have long been sounding the alarm bells that a global pandemic could arrive at any time, and yet when it finally did, governments were ill prepared and millions died. COVID-19 wasn’t the first global pandemic, and it certainly won’t be the last… so how can we prepare our medical arsenal to ensure we’re better equipped next time. Because the next devastating pandemic could be just around the corner.  

To access a transcript of this podcast please head here.

This talk was a part of Fresh Blood, an event of short talks in the 2022 Festival of Dangerous Ideas.

Felicity-Tram Tu

Felicity-Tram Tu

Felicity-Tram Tu is completing a Bachelor of Advanced Science (Honours) and Bachelor of Arts, in the Faculties of Science and Arts, Design & Architecture at UNSW Sydney. Her scientific research areas include biotechnology and immunology, with a somewhat morbid fascination in diseases, along with majoring in Japanese and French.  

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