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Ayelet Waldman: LSD forbidden medicine

Ayelet Waldman on stage at FODI

Taking the rap for the excesses of 1960s counterculture, psychedelic drugs and their users went underground and the ongoing ‘war on drugs’ has kept them there. So what is a former public defender and law professor doing taking LSD? Ayelet Waldman joined the group of scientists and citizens talking about the therapeutic benefits of LSD when she decided to experiment with microdoses of LSD herself and document the process. She found that for her, it had significant benefits and she asks how we can get drug policy to align with evidence, rather than ideology.

Now, I feel happy... not giddy or out control, just at ease with myself and the world. When I think about my husband and my children, I feel a gentle sense of love and security. I am not anxious for them or annoyed with them. When I think of my work, I feel optimistic, brimming with ideas, yet not spilling over.

Ayelet Waldman



Chaired by Natasha Mitchell, journalist and presenter of ABC RN’s Science Friction.

This conversation was recorded live on stage at the Festival of Dangerous Ideas 2018. 

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